Sound Recording and Films for Musicians

Broadcast quality video           Studio quality sound

I specialise in making films and sound recordings for musicians. As a musician myself, I understand your needs - for example, I know that a classical singer often needs a one-shot film with no edits, and faithful, un-processed sound.  I place great importance on the venue used for recording - the quality of its piano, its acoustics and background noise all play a part.

Competitions, young-artist programmes and study courses increasingly ask for video recordings from applicants, and musicians are expected to have a web-presence more than ever before. It is tempting to shoot footage on an iPhone or cheap video camera, using the built-in microphones, but the results are unlikely to live up to the standard of your performance. You've spent years honing your skills, months working on a particular piece - why would you not show the results in the best possible light?

  • As a film-maker, I have more than 20 years of experience making documentaries, promos and art-films and have the experience, ability and equipment to capture your performance accurately and sensitively. 
  • As a sound-recordist, I know that microphone choice and placement is crucial to capturing acoustic performances, and the difference you will hear over hiring a camera-man with a typical film-maker's 'do-it-all' mic kit (or Zoom-type recorder) will be significant. Just one example: mic choice for a soprano must be very carefully considered to avoid the harsh treble created by cheap or badly chosen mics.

I know that musicians often need new recordings and film-clips on a regular basis, and I've designed my packages to provide the highest quality, whilst offering good value. I also undertake more ambitious projects, and would love to discuss any ideas you have, whether it's filming in unusual locations, recording multiple musicians, or undertaking more complex promo films with substantial editing and mixing. Have a look at my portfolio to see some of the range of work I've done recently.